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Providing reproductive health services to flood victims in Golestan province, especially the Aghqla and Gonbad Kavous areas

Women and girls are one of the most vulnerable groups in a crisis that not only suffer from the occurrence of an initial incident, but also suffers from major problems in accessing to their specific reproductive health needs due to the damage to the infrastructure; consequently, the risk of female-specific illnesses increases dramatically. Family Health Association of Iran run a project for providing primary health services to flood-affected people in the regions of Aq Qala and Gonbad-Kavoos and the surrounding villages through a mobile clinic specially equipped for midwifery examination and delivery of reproductive health services. During this project, a team of specialized and experienced staff including a midwife, a general physician, and a psychologist, along with the mobile clinic, equipped with all the initial medications and supplies, goes to the places which due to the distance or any other reasons, may have less access to medical services. FHA's ...

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