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"Sexuality Definition" training session

In order to develop the capacity of the volunteers, members and staff of FHA Iran, Family Health Association of Iran held a meeting entitled “Sexuality Definition “ with presence of some volunteers, members and staff of head office and branches ( Mikhak and YES centers) in the head office in 9th January 2014. At the beginning of the meeting pre-tests were distributed among the participants and were completed and then Dr. Kianoush Khalili, president of FHA Iran, welcomed to the participants and encouraged them especially young people to have active participation in the meeting. After that Mrs. Jaleh Davanloo, the EXCO’s main member trained the participants on sexuality, sex, gender, gender identity, gender equity and sexual orientation definition. Then some participants perform the role play and subsequently the participants discussed together and shared their idea. Afterwards, Mrs. Jaleh Davanloo explained about Sexual Right ...

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Seminar of Follow-up and Treatment of Breast Cancer

In Dec 5, a seminar entitled “Follow-up and treatment of breast cancer” was held in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. The seminar was held by collaboration between Charity Foundation for Special Diseases and Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. In this event, the midwife of Mikhak DIC participated as a representative of FHA Iran.

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