The opening ceremony of Mikhak shelter for women

In order to provide services to vulnerable women in Tehran, Family Health Association of Iran, in collaboration with the Social Services and Welfare Organization of Tehran and the municipality of district 12 of Tehran, launched the Mikhak Shelter for Woman from the beginning of January 2019 and provided services to this group of women, both daily and nightly.

On March 19, 2019, the official opening ceremony was held with the participation of Ms. Shahindokht Molaverdi (former Special Assistant to the President for Citizenship rights and Vice President of Iran for Women and Family Affairs), Dr. Nahid Khodakarami (member of the City Council of Tehran), UNAIDS country coordinator of Iran, representatives of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mayor of region 12 of Tehran.

Dr. Safieh Shahriari Afshar, Patron of Family Health Association of Iran, after welcoming the guests, explained about the achievements of the Family Health Association of Iran in this projects. She highlighted the change in attitude and increased inter-sectoral cooperation as one of the most important and effective factors contributing to the objectives of the plan. Also, thanked the efforts made by the municipality of region 12 as one of the project partners.

Then Ms. Molaverdi emphasized the necessity and importance of social and generalization of reproductive health. She added that the issue of reproductive health and the health of women should be considered as a social principle, and should be addressed with the approach to the prevention and treatment of social damages in the initial stages.

Then, Dr. Khodakarami considered the presence of NGOs as a successful complement to health and social harm reduction projects.

Also, Dr. Doroudy, UNAIDS country coordinator of Iran, emphasized the need for all organizations to participate in providing new services to vulnerable women.

And representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Mayor of the 12th District made speeches in this regard, saying that they are interested in supporting these kinds of projects.

In the end, the emphasis was placed on the need for the full cooperation and participation of all organizations in providing services to vulnerable women and their dignity, and emphasized the continuation of this project as a successful and leading example in the country.

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