Holding educational workshops at Fardis prison

FHA Iran sign a MOU with State prisons and security and corrective measures organization at March 2018 in order to hold educational workshops for all prisoners (men, women and below 18 years old) at Fardis prison. Therefore, FHA Iran held educational workshops about HIV/AIDS and life skills in July to September 2018.

In this regards, FHA Iran held 24 sessions and we trained 700 prisoners.

Some of important subjects in workshops are as follow:

    -distinction between HIV and AIDS

    -Definition of HIV and AIDS

    -Prevention and treatment of HIV

    -Symptoms of HIV and AIDS

    -HIV tests

    -People at risk of HIV

    -Different kinds of communications

    -Stress in life the ways for dealing with

    -Self confidence

    -Making decisions

Also, we distributed pretest and posttest among participants in many workshops. Evaluation of questions specified that awareness of participants about subjects of workshops was increased.


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